The 8est 8log eeeeeeeever!!!!!!!!
Have you ever heard of the Earth superhero character Spider-Man?

……..No, enlighten me.

what do you think of Mindfang and Redglare in this picture?

((i am trying so hard to come up with an IC reply but all i can think is ‘oh my god i love everything’ when i see this picture

so there you go))

So do you think Gamzee survived that fall?

It takes a lot more than a simple fall to 8ust up a troll. Pro8a8ly.

Ugh I better make an OOC post too.

Hey guys, just a heads up, I’ll probably be pretty busy the next few weeks with finals and projects, college is balls!!!!!!!!!!! this is why i am not going back next semester HAW HAW TAKE THAT

uh anyways

i’ll try to get on this account occasionally, but until more updates come i won’t be posting much??? (ok hi this is me being really nervous about the vriska and terezi meetup help i care too much)

feel free to still leave things in my ask here though, i’ll try to get to them when I have the tiiiiiiiime

oh no i held that for 8 subconciously

anyways i’ll talk to you guys later yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! luv u guyz spider smooches 4 u all


Whoops, sorry for vanishing like that on you guys! Really glad you all decided to stick around

i know you secretly have a red romance for tavros


3 and 5 (put together it's 8 so heheheheheheheh)

Oh you’re sweet.

5) I don’t actually know all that much a8out human culture, and I don’t plaaaaaaaan on it! It is all stupid stupid dum8 to me, nothing makes sense. >::::(

3)  Many types of spiders are canni8alistic.